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10 Abnormally Large Animals That Actually Exist ► Subscribe: https://goo.gl/vHN6qB For copyright matters please contact us at: miniminter1992.29@gmail.com We know the animal kingdom can be a dangerous place, but there’s something particularly threatening about a large creature. While vicious predators come in all shapes and sizes, it’s the big beasts that generally fill us with fear. However other large animals have no interest in eating us, and we simply marvel at their size. What are the largest animals of their kind, and what does their sizeable status mean to them? Check out our 7-strong rundown of the biggest and best… #animals #animal #giant #shark #crocodile #large

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First of all, a big Thank You to all the Breeders and hobbyist who messages me for shoot. I have selected a few based on the location convenient for shooting and Amir Bhai is one of such Breeders. Amir's Tamed Exotic Pet Store sells exotic birds in Mumbai with a physical shop in Ghatkopar west. He has his breeding Farm of African Grey parrots. In this video, Amir Bhai has shown us the RCom Max20 Egg Incubator that he uses for incubating the African Grey Parrot eggs. He also showed us the Bird Brooder which makes it easy for him to raise the African Grey Chicks. Aamir has shown us a newly hatched African Grey Chick, 5 days old African Grey Babies as also a few weeks old babies and showed us the right way to feed the African Grey chicks. Aamir Bhai also demonstrated putting closed rings on these African Grey babies and the right way to put the rings and the right age. Some Chicks are available for booking and you will get them once they are self feeding. FSA Entertainment highly recommends our users to wisely invest their money. We have shown Raveena and Aamir's setup and would request people in Mumbai and Abroad to do business with them aa they are not only bird enthusiast but they also ensure that customers are not charged an absurd amount. They are true promoters of exotic birds. Hope you liked this video on how to breed & raise african grey Parrots. If you like this video, then do give a thumbs up. You may also follow us on Instagram at: https://instagram.com/fsaEntertainment This video has been shot with One Plus 7 Pro (12GB RAM) with the help of Sony Portable Sound Recorder. #rcomincubator #africangrey #exoticbirds

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